An Online Archive of Medieval Western European Watermarks

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  • How to Contribute (Updated May 23, 2016)

    If you have access to a paper codex and permission to take photographs, we would appreciate your sharing them with us and, by extension, with anyone who wishes to use this site. Please make sure you review the steps below to ensure that our records are as complete as possible and that there's no wasted effort on your part!

    • 1. Verify that the item you are photographing is not already in the database. Check in the Shelfmark Index - even if your codex or fragment is already listed, it might not be a complete record.
    • 2. Download this document as a .doc or .odt. It contains all of the information fields pertinant to each watermark. Required fields are marked with a *. Note that this form must be filled out for each 'new' watermark, so know that it will take a little time! A 'new' watermark is the first occurrence of a watermark in a given holding. For instance, in Book X, the same star-shaped watermark can be seen on f. 1, 3, and 5. In this case, you would want to fill out the form for whichever of the three provides the best picture, and remark in the Notes section of the form that the same mark is also on those other folios. If you don't have time to document the watermarks of an entire codex, consider sending in records for a whole quire; in any case, please indicate your choices in the Notes section of the form.
    • 3. Make sure your camera is set to take the highest possible quality photograph.
    • 4. Take two pictures of each 'new' watermark, one with the ruler placed vertically next to the watermark, and the other with it horizontal. Please snap at least one photo of each additional occurrence of that same watermark with the ruler placed next to it, oriented vertically, and note which photo goes with which folio on the form.
    • 5. Email photographs (as .tiff or .png) and completed form(s) to paperbound.contributions@gmail.com.